SIP Trunking vs. PSTN: Which Is Right for You?

PSTNIf you’re a business owner, you know that having reliable phone service is essential. But which type of service is right for you: SIP Trunking or the PSTN? In this blog post, we’ll compare SIP Trunking and the PSTN and help you decide which is the best option for your business.


The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the traditional landline phone service that most people are familiar with. It stands for Public Switched Telephone Network and is the traditional circuit-switched telephone network. For generations, it has provided businesses and homes with phone service. While they are still used, they have seen a steady decline in the past decade.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a newer, more advanced type of business phone service that uses the internet instead of traditional PSTN phone lines. SIP Trunking can provide many benefits for businesses, including cost savings, increased flexibility, and scalability.

Differences between the PSTN and SIP Trunking

There are several key differences between SIP Trunking and the PSTN:

– SIP Trunking is more flexible than the PSTN. With SIP Trunking, you can easily add or remove phone lines as needed. With the PSTN, adding or removing phone lines is a more complicated and expensive process.

– SIP Trunking is less expensive than the PSTN. SIP Trunking uses the internet to connect calls, so it doesn’t require the same infrastructure as the PSTN. This means that SIP Trunking is less expensive to set up and maintain.

– SIP Trunking offers more features than the PSTN. With SIP Trunking, you can take advantage of features like call forwarding and caller ID. The PSTN doesn’t offer these features.

So, which is right for you? The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a more flexible and less expensive option, SIP Trunking is the way to go. In fact, the only real drawback to SIP Trunking is that requires the internet. For most, this isn’t an issue. However, if you have poor internet you will have to upgrade before adopting SIP Trunking.

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