What are the Best Practices for E911 in a Remote Workplace?

remote workplace
Many businesses these days have switched permanently to a remote workplace. In doing so however, they do have to consider emergency preparedness. Fortunately, companies can leverage technologies such as SIP Trunking to make E911 practices convenient. SIP Trunking is also great for remote workplaces because it is scalable and cost-efficient. What is E911? First of all, what ex...
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How Does SIP Trunking Work?

SIP Trunking
VoIP and SIP Trunking have become well-known buzzwords in the enterprise communication market, with many businesses switching over to the IP-based technology in order to take advantage of better service and lower prices. What started out as a geeky hobby for a few individuals and small startups 20 years ago, has quickly become the standard for voice communication in both the co...
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What to Take into Account When Working Remote

In recent months, many businesses have rapidly transitioned to remote working. While today’s technology permits this, making the change itself can prove challenging if not handled correctly. Here are a few methods and tools that can make the move easier. Softphones A softphone allows voice communications through a software program. This means that now computers and cell phone...
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The Top Benefits of Softphones

Many companies, in spite of the benefits, have not incorporated softphones into their business. This is understandable; many business owners fear that they are not reliable or will not prove worth the investment. However, this is not accurate. Softphones allow each user to become more productive and efficient. Best of all, they are easy to use. Softphones Most importantly, wh...
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