What You Should Know About SIP Firewall Security

firewallEvery company knows that network security is important. However, if you are a SIP Trunking user have you considered SIP firewall security? SIP Trunking has a lot of benefits for businesses, but because it uses the internet to place calls, it is important to consider security. Firewall security is one of the best places to start.


In some ways, you can compare your firewall with your front door. With packets of data constantly going in and out of your business, your firewall is what blocks entry. It can also monitor what is coming in and out. In terms of SIP Trunking, it can block unwelcome traffic and prevent malicious hackers from harming your system. It does this while still allowing SIP calls to flow in and out of specified channels.

Types of Firewalls

Oftentimes people mistakenly presume that firewalls are simply anti-virus programs. Instead, firewalls can either be hardware devices or software applications. The hardware devices are hooked up to your network and they filter out incoming and outgoing data packets. They do this based on the preferences set by the administrator. The software applications, on the other hand, act by sifting and sorting the packets.

Importance of Firewalls

As mentioned earlier, firewalls play a major role in determining what comes in and out of your network. In an age where most people use the internet for their communications, having a safeguard in place is vital. If you have SIP Trunking, you should make sure that your firewall is SIP aware. You also need to make sure that it is configured correctly, because if it is not, it could cause poor call quality.

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