How Call Recording Can Help Your Business

Call Recording
One of the many advantages of switching to SIP Trunking is you can take advantage of features such as call recording. Do you really need this feature though? It depends on your type of business. Below are some advantages of recording calls. If any of these benefits sound like something your business could use, perhaps it is time to consider a switch. Performance Reviews If yo...
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Why your Company Needs a Business Phone System

Business Phone System
Many households these days have switched from landlines to mobile only. Even major telephone providers are moving away from copper POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). Does this apply to businesses as well or do they still require a Business Phone System? In most cases, companies still benefit from Business Phone Systems. When paired with a modern alternative such as SIP Trunkin...
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What You Need to Move to A Virtual Workforce

Virtual workforce
In the past weeks companies everywhere have had to rapidly shift their employees into a virtual workforce. Having been forced to do this quickly, not all companies have had a smooth transition. There are a few requirements that can help make the change easier though: Equipment It may go without saying, but your employees will need the necessary equipment when working from hom...
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Why you Should Pair your SIP Trunking Solution with Unified Communications

Unified Communications
SIP Trunking can benefit your business in many different ways. Not only can you reduce your telecommunications costs, but you can also enjoy enterprise level features. However, there is one specific benefit that is often overlooked: Unified Communications functionality. Pairing your SIP Trunking Solution with Unified Communications increases productivity and provides your busin...
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